August 31, 2011

Satria Neo: Wax With Rotary Buffer Creates Holograms Review

QUOTE(Zaypher @ Aug 21 2011, 01:48 PM)
Dear all,

Is this what hologram mark is?
Is this serious?
user posted image

I was quoted around RM250 to remove it and also another one, RM99 to cover up.
Can anyone recommend me a place to remove it?
or recommend me a product which i can use to remove by hand (well, i've been advised that the only way to remove such marks are by way of machine).

p.s.: i truly regret leaving my car at Proton......they provide this free wash and wax session and the guy there used a rotary buffer to wax my car and hence, this mark...although they offer to polish it up, i'm not sure if i can trust them?

Hi fella readers,

i have something to clear out here. as the car above have holograms issue caused by improper waxing technique. as every liquid/paste wax labeled behind, we only use hand to apply wax but did the label says we can use a rotary buffer to apply wax? is this true or false? what will caused holograms?

1. improper technique handle rotary buffer
2. dry buffing
3. did not finish well at the last step
4. pads not clean
5. apply wax on machine
6. wrong polish

all these i labeled above will caused holograms. i still heard sometimes people say "owner: ohh, and then you wax with machine ar?" xxx: "yalor, if not the car wont kilat" i saw many cars have holograms on the road, not wira, saga or etc but those alphard, camry, bmw etc. all these issues seems like abusing to me, you suppose to finish up like a mirror, not tattoo-ing. this owner have come to me yesterday morning, i didnt take much pictures during the process cause im actually rushing back to ipoh with my girlfriend. but i did have some sunshine shot i took after the finishing.

the 4hours process was:
-wash with ONR
-OHP + double sided foam pad (remove holograms while i get to finish at the same time)
-OCW to protect




close up

side view





thanks for reading, Selamat Hari Raya!

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