December 17, 2010

New Car But Why Got Scratches?

got a called from Kxxxx ask me to detail his 3days old ride, i just said "okay, i'll come over." reach his place around 11am, inspect his car from front to back and got this scratches and stains. this car only 3days old but why have scratches and petrol stains? i thought the dealer should inspect everything properly only send this car to the owner? 

owner doesnt know about this until i tell him.
walao.. know how to use the nozzle properly or not?

i see this new car liddat also heart ache lor, where can treat this beautiful lady like this one? whole body washed with onr and rims as well, i dont have any degreaser spray which can remove the dirt from the rim, but amazingly the onr really did a great job :D surprise surprise. 

i love to clay cause i think is fun, this is what i picked :D
after clayed the whole car then start polish with my new toy, polishing pad + makita and speed 1.5 due to the paint still new. 

now look better.

here too!
after help this car to remove all these scratches and stains then waxed with #21 and NXT 2.0 some finish pictures..

a detailed rim should be like this i guess.

onr did this, not me.

sexy eyes :D

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